The Workshop Assessment is a consultation where we discuss the potential topic and the audience. Workshops are typically offered in a group setting on a very specific topic that is relevant to the those who are in attendance.

Potential groups:

  • Management Team
  • Employee Groups
  • Community clubs and/or organizations
  • Athletic groups
  • Woman’s group
  • Mentor groups
  • Academic clubs and/or organizations

This is not an exclusive list but examples of groups for potential workshops.

Workshop Topics:

Time Management
Balancing home life and work life can be a challenge, but with just a few minor adjustments and self-awareness you can master it. In this workshop, we will take a deep dive into your daily activities and work together to develop a realistic routine that works.

How to Improve Employee Engagement
Are you a manager? Do you sometimes struggle with engaging your employees? This workshop will explore techniques to help improve employee engagement or re-energize your employees. Come learn how to increase productivity in your work place. This workshop is especially beneficial to new managers but also a nice refresher course for those who have been in management for a number of years.

Leading with Confidence
Confidence is 75% of the battle—but finding the balance between being confident and self-assured while remaining open-minded and humble can be challenge. This workshop will explore different leadership styles while creating an environment for open dialogue around finding the balance between confidence and humility. If you are interested in a thought-provoking conversation around leading with confidence, be sure to sign up.

Transition Boot Camp
Are you at a turning point in your life? Maybe going to school, starting a new job, or simply searching for what’s next? Do you sometime struggle with determining what is next and how to get there? This workshop was handcrafted for you. Kristan, the founder of Magenta Inspired, will speak to you about her experience making the transition and finding the courage to start her own business. This workshop will provide tips to making the transition as smooth as possible while riding on a sometimes bumpy road.

Discovering & Connecting with Your Passions
This is a must attend workshop! We don’t spend enough time exploring what motivates us. This workshop will take you on a self-exploration journey and push you to spend time thinking about you and what makes you happy. This workshop is guaranteed to get you excited about taking action towards your passion.

Building your Brand
Building your personal brand is critical to your success—in fact it probably one of the most critical pieces to truly maximizing your success. Defining and building your brand creates clarity and allows you to present yourself and your service in a clear concise manner. If you are interested in moving up in your career, starting a business, building your business, or just becoming more self-aware this workshop is made for you.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.