At some point in life, you have to decide who you are. Your name will define you if that is what you choose. Or you can define your name.


My mother looked at me when I was born and named me Veronica. I have no idea what she saw or why Veronica was the name she finally decided on. At one point she told me, it was because she used to read the Archie comic books. Later mama said the name Veronica just seemed like the right name. My mother gave each of her daughters’ names that fit what she saw when she looked at them. My sisters and I have unique combinations of first and middle names. She saw something that only a mother could see.


What did she see that was unique when she looked at me? Did she see someone who would grow up to be a survivor; a strong, independent, and real lady? A lady who would hold her head up when things get rough, A lady who would fight to stand tall during adversity, A lady who would ultimately make her mother proud to call her daughter,


                        We delight in the beauty

                        Of the butterfly, but

                        Rarely admit the changes

                        It has gone through to

                        Achieve that beauty.

                                                -Maya Angelou


I am who I am today because I have traveled the road set before me. I answer to lady, daughter, mother, sister, friend, educator, and motivator. I define my name and who I am.




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    • Ambino

      This read reminds me of the song “necessary” by Fantasia… Great REad! Created with purpose…


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