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I have an amazing, life changing message for you all to listen to today.  A message from the heavens of heavens that both condemns and edifies, bringing into subjection according to each man’s thoughts and intentions.  Believe you me, this is a right now Word.  It does not matter what you are growing through or pursuing, this message will resonate with some part of your life.  

The sermon “Emotionally Abandoned” delivered by Bishop TD Jakes has humbled and blessed my soul.  In the sanctuary of my kitchen, I have praised danced and hollered “Yasss God, Say That!, and Preach BihhShup” countless times.  If we were worshiping together, look no further than the altar for my remains because this sermon has snatched my soul. On my behalf, please locate the pastor with the holy oil, the ushers with the fans, and the mother board with the white sheets.  

I stumbled upon this sermon about two weeks ago.  Since I have shared it with my family and, I have listened to it at least 5 times so far.  I tend to listen to motivational messages that I’m drawn to over and over again with hopes God will provide clarity and understanding.    

From the message, my initial take away was ceasing the moment by being present.  In our right now, we must take control over our situations.  When we’ve done our part, God will fulfill the rest.  While we wait on God to fulfill his purpose in our lives, we should be present in our own situations.  

Being present in our own situation requires obedience, courage, and resilience.  It is the willingness to overcome issues and current oppositions.  It is the strength to get up every morning placing on foot in front of the other.  Like the ole saints would say, “God did not bring you this far to leave you”.

But, I’m not here to preach to y’all today.  Go listen to the message.  I know for sure it will bless you.  

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