Sitting, listening to the Prince Tribute channel as I go through my morning ritual I begin to reflect on my childhood. According to people that were around me growing up, I was considered weird? By definition, weird is very strange, and unusual, unexpected, or not natural. 


Thinking back I loved writing short stories about odd situations not realizing I was writing pulp fiction at the time and I loved to wear very uniquely put together outfits. My best friend was the most outrageous kid on the court and the one person that encouraged us to be as outrageous as we could be was her mother; she too was pretty awesome herself. ☺ She humored us when we would act out scenes from Labyrinth and when we would sing Prince and David Bowie songs, the clean ones of course. ☺ When we both moved away we tried to stay in contact but as we all know life has a funny way of getting in the way.

Years would pass and as I got older my surroundings changed and the pressure of having to fit in would rear itself. I  no longer had anyone to be weird with or that awesome mom that was just as weird as we were. I suppressed writing those short stories with the unique plots and no more acting out my favorite movies. However I still managed to sing Prince and David Bowie because that helped me escape my new “normal”, I was just like everyone else now.

What happened? I no longer had the encouragement to stand out, to be my own person. No one to tell me it’s okay to be weird! The power of encouragement is a lot more powerful than one would think. Even as adults having people around us that push us to the limits and encourage us to be who we truly are is super important. Remember you never stop evolving and you have all the potential in the world to be awesome! Think about it, if Prince stopped being who he truly was, we would not have never experienced in my opinion one of the greatest talents ever to grace this earth.

In the past few months I have been challenged and encouraged to become that awesome, weird person I once was and I’m all for it, she was pretty freakin’ awesome. ☺

Ladies, as the year progresses take a minute or two and reflect. I want you to ask yourself who am I and if your answer is not what you expect it to be, encourage and challenge yourself to become that person. ☺ And for that mom and friend I had, we reconnected and they both are still as outrageous as ever!

The journey continues;




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      Great post. ?

    • Shay P.

      Loved the message!


        Thank you Shay!


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