As the year winds, down and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season approaches, one starts to become overwhelmed with it all and sometimes one may forget to just stop and smell the roses.

This week I got to check off one of the many items on my bucket list, to see at least part of the Grand Canyon. It is as grand as they say and it’s absolutely breathtaking. As we walked along the south rim and while taking pictures and adjusting to the altitude difference one cannot begin to take it all in and appreciate all things mother nature.

Just imagine this enormous canyon was made by what’s now known as the Colorado River over five billion years ago! In the picture, you can see the very river that created this breath-taking canyon.

All of us have been created by something small and now are as unique and wonderfully made as this canyon and for that, we should not take anyone or anything for granted. This home of ours we call Earth is spectacular, to say the least, and never traveling to this part of the country really opened my eyes more to how imperative it is to care for this home of ours and appreciate its beauty. You say seeing a canyon just helped you realize this? No, it helped me appreciate it even more than ever, that it opened my eyes even more so that I could take it all in. Another moment was seeing my eight-year-old being super excited to find something as simple as a rock. To see how appreciative and excited he was when he found the rocks showed that he was taking it all in and has a much greater appreciation for this planet of ours than most adults, more than me. He can see that the rocks are small but are part of something a lot bigger than you and me.

As, this wonderful week wraps up and I continue to take it all in from nature to witnessing my husband accomplish a lifelong dream and to see my eight-year-old blossom and discover new and exciting things, I will do my very best to appreciate and take all things in be it big or small, and to also appreciate all things mother nature.

Taking it all in one rock at a time,



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