“If your path is difficult

it is because your purpose

is bigger than you thought.



Do we understand or know what our purpose is supposed to be? So many times, I have thought I had it figured out when suddenly, I come to another fork in the road. By no means, do I stop or go back, instead I weigh my options and go in the direction that appears to be in-line with my beliefs and who I am. Simply put, I take the road that feels right. As we all know, sometimes we make the right decision and other times, we think we may have made the wrong decision. In life, if we choose our roads with confidence and thought, we have made the right decision there are no wrong decisions.


Webster and Dictionary.com define purpose as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Throughout my life, I have made decisions and taken paths that have been difficult, but each time the end results have proven to be better than imagined. I am not saying that the road was not hard, the path was not rough, and there was not pain, but each time it has been well worth the journey. For this reason, I accept the hard, the tough, the rocky and the unknown because I know that if I chose the path, for whatever reason, the Purpose will be Bigger than I thought.


Do not give up, do not stop, do not turn back regardless to how tough the path may be, go forward, there is an incredible reward ahead of you. You fail when you stop, keep moving forward.




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