That’s right, this blog is about what attire is professional for the workplace. I understand and completely agree many of us don’t feel like ourselves if our attire does not reflect who we are and that is why I wanted to open with this. Dressing professionally or “dressing for success” is not about stripping yourself of who you are on the inside but it is about putting the best version of you forward while removing any distractions that might take away from what you are saying and the purpose of why you are there. For example, you have been asked to come in an interview with the VP of a company. This job will require you to be client facing and to be able to share vital information about the company in a limited amount of time with clients. Therefore, every minute is precious. These are important details because this tells you, 1.) you will need to be professional so that you are representing the company and yourself well but 2.) you will also want to be sure your clothing does get in your way in any way possible when advocating for yourself. Ladies, let’s start with earring as an example. I love large and dangling earrings just as much as the next girl which means I have also experienced getting said earring stuck on my scarf or having one fall out and having to stop and put it back in. In either of these scenarios if my time is limited when I am in an interview or with a client I would not want to be distracted my an earring malfunction. This is just an example to provide insight as to why I am making the suggestions below. Not, to strip you of your uniqueness but to remove distractions so that your purpose takes center stage, especially under specific circumstances.


For those of you who are just a bit indecisive or maybe just feel out of your element when determining what to wear for an interview or a professional event, you will find this very helpful.


Ladies here are just a few tips when preparing for an interview or professional meeting/presentation………..

  • Don’t wear bulky jewelry.
  • Avoid open toe shoes.
  • Wear shoes that you can walk comfortably in.
  • Remember the rule from school “knee length,” follow it when wearing dresses or skirts in a professional environment.
  • Avoid super bright colors.


Here are few interview looks. These would even be nice for business meetings.

The above looks are bit more formal and while if it works for you, you the above looks are acceptable for an everyday look at work but not always necessary. Below I have provided a few looks that would be great for the office. I have included a few with jeans as well.

Now, with all of this being said, there are other ways to include a little extra flair without going over the top or causing a distraction. Just be careful that whatever you wear does not take away from what you are saying but instead compliments your purpose. Feel free to comment below and keep the conversation going.

Living for success.

Kristan Price Mason

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