Soooooooo….. I have been going back and forth about what I wanted this month’s blog to be about.  I thought to myself what about? wide calf boots? No! Brows 101? NO!! Holiday Glam? NOO!!  Then the lightbulb went off!!


In my quest to live my best plus size life, I have made some not so good decisions about my health.  Last year I decided to go to a bariatric doctor because I wanted a little help dropping some pounds.  The doctor prescribed me a pill call adipex, and told me to come back in a week and I should be six pounds lighter.  So, I was like OKAY six pounds in a week, I’m going to be the size I want to be in no time.  I started taking the pills the next day, and they did their job, I wasn’t hungry at all.  I had to force myself to eat, but the side effects were another story.  My mouth was as dry as the Sahara, and I could barely sleep.   I did some research and called the doctor and he said that these side effects where normal, drink plenty of water and take the medication earlier in the day so that I could sleep at night.  So, I followed his instructions and when I returned to the doctor I had lost a total of eight pounds, I was PUMPED!! That same week the doctor gave me the okay to start adding exercise along with taking the medication.  I got a gym membership and I started going to the gym four days a week, honey there was no stopping me. One day while working out I started to feel more short of breath than usual and I felt like my heart was racing.  I stopped exercising that day and attributed my shortness of breath and racing heart to be signs that I was working myself a little too hard.  Later that week I noticed that my heart was racing even when I was just sitting so I started to check my pulse and it would be as high as 180 just sitting at rest.  I made an appointment with my family doctor and she referred me to a cardiologist.  I freaked out!!!!!!! I went to the cardiologist and I had to wear a heart monitor for a couple of days so that the doctor could keep a check on my heart rate.  I returned the heart monitor and they told me that if anything was abnormal they would call me.  THEY CALLED THE NEXT DAY. They set up a follow-up appointment with me for the next week, but I didn’t go I was so scared of what the doctor would say.  So, a year goes by and my heart starts to do the same thing so I made another appointment with the cardiologist and I actually went this time.  I was diagnosed with tachycardia, which is high heart rate, and high blood pressure.  I left the doctor that day with three different medications, and I was devastated.  I sat in my car and cried for at least thirty minutes. I thought to myself I’m not even thirty and I’m already taking more medications than some of my patients.


The doctor told me that the medication I was taking to help me lose weight effected the rhythm of my heart which in turn caused my heart rate to be elevated.   After hearing that I was so overwhelmed, I almost broke my heart literally in order to lose weight faster.  Sometimes we as women go to great depths to fit a certain standard.  I wanted to lose weight to look like the commercial plus size woman, and I was willing to do anything to look that way even if it meant taking unhealthy medication to get there.  Being a plus size girl is who I am.  Being a health plus size girl is who I am not.  How can I be plus size and confident when my health is complete trash? I have made a decision that I will not be a victim of these medications and this unhealthy lifestyle.  I refused to take these medications the rest of my life.  So, I have started to take control of my health.  I am making healthier decisions with food and I’m working out three to four times a week, and I AM NOT using any weight loss medication. It took this experience to show me that when you have a goal in mind shortcuts are not always the best thing.  Sometimes shortcuts can lead to your downfall.  I let something as simple as wanting to look a certain way affect my health and well-being when I could have simply just worked hard at working out and eating better to reach that goal.  Remember ladies anything worth having is worth working for including a healthier life.


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