Power is the official bracelet line for Magenta Inspired Inc. Each piece is handcrafted with love and the intention to be a constant reminder to remain empowered and empower others. Each Freshwater Pearl on a Power bracelet is unique and authentic, as a representation of women. Each of us have been created as a unique individual and we should embrace our authenticity and uplift and encourage one another. 



Magenta Inspired will be working in partnership with NOVASSIST an organization dedicated to assisting those in need in the Ivory Coast in order to help educate young girls. This partnership is possible with the assistance of Siriki Diabate, MBA graduate of Shepherd University a native of the Ivory Coast. Statistics consistently show a decrease in enrollment of students between the age of 15-24. Although education is available it is not easily attainable. In fact, students are faced with a number of obstacles that often deter them from continuing their education after age 14. Amongst these obstacles is the financial obligation and access to adequate resources to prepare them for the next level of education. This is where together we can all make a difference. Magenta Inspired is launching Power by Magenta Inspired as an initiative to make a difference and help those that would like to continue in school. We may not be able to remove every obstacle but we most defiantly can help with the financial burden if everyone gets involved. Just think only $20 can support a young girl to continue their education.


For us $20 is a night at the movies, a bottle of wine, dinner at Friday’s or another leisure activity but for these young girls, $20 can mean an opportunity at a life time of education, being the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, being an officer of the court, a journalist or whatever it is she aspires to do. Make a difference and join the cause.



How can you get involved and make a difference? Simple purchase a Power by Magenta Inspired bracelet. Each bracelet is hand crafted with freshwater pearls. No one pearl is alike as a representation of women. We are all different and that is what makes us great. Place your order for a Power by Magenta Inspired Inc. today. Email kpcoach@magentainspired.com to place your custom order.




And, when you wear your bracelet, wear it as a reminder of the impact your making. You are a part of the movement that empowers women!




Want to do more or make a larger donation? Click the button below and enter the amount you would like to donate. Magenta Inspired Inc. is a 501(c) Non-Profit and therefore all donations are tax deductible. Once your donation has been made we will contact you with our non-profit tax exempt ID number. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at kpcoach@magentainspired.com






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NOVASSIST was created by its founder, Kouadio Olga to respond to the needs of women, young girls, disadvantaged children in order to regain their dignity by giving them access to the vital minimum.


Created in 2012 NOVASSIST, is a structure made up of men and women volunteers concerned with the welfare of the populations and whose main concern is to contribute to the fight against poverty by providing social, economic, psychological and educational assistance to socially disadvantaged, deprived and disabled young girls and boys.



NOVASSIST est née de la volonté de sa fondatrice de répondre à un besoin celui d’aider les femmes, jeunes, les filles, les enfants défavorisés à pouvoir retrouver leur dignité en leur permettant d’avoir accès au minimum vitale.


Créée en 2012 NOVASSIST, est une structure composée d’hommes et de femmes bénévoles soucieux du bien-être des populations et ayant pour souci majeur d’apporter une contribution à la lutte contre la pauvreté en apportant une aide sociale, économique, psychologique, éducatif aux couches sociales défavorisées, démunis et en situation d’handicap.

Ms. KOUADIO OLGA, Master’s Degree in Sociology

Founder of NOVASSIST 



Meet the Power Team 

I could not do this alone and therefore want to take a moment to acknowledge my team.

I would like to acknowledge and express the sincerest appreciation to Erica Franklin. Erica has been a professional colleague, a dear a friend and a member of the Magenta Inspired family from the very beginning when it was merely a dream. I feel honored to have her apart of the team. Erica’s experience, extraordinary heart and dedication to service will contribute tremendously to the success of this project.

Meet Erica:


Erica is an aspiring entrepreneur that hopes to increase education around culture, community, self-identity and giving back. Erica is originally from Southern Maryland but now resides in Northern Virginia. She is looking forward to networking and traveling. We are also proud to announce the debut of Erica’s website dedicated to traveling and giving back. Visit The Global Giver by clicking the link below.


She currently works as an Account Manager for an education solutions company. She is a proud Aggie who obtained her B.S. in Journalism and Mass Communications from North Carolina A&T State University. She later received her M.A. in Advertising from Michigan State University.


We are honored to work in partnership with Siriki Diabate. His knowledge and passion for the cause is admirable and we truly appreciate his dedication.


Meet Siriki.


Siriki Diabate, MBA, graduate of Shepherd University is a hardworking, passionate loyal scholar. As a member of the Shepherd University community he served as an exemplary leader, one who promotes diversity and teaches tolerance. His leadership has stemmed from being actively involved with the Hagerstown Community College Student Government Association, Multi-Cultural Committee, and as an organizer of the Cameroon/Ivory Coast Cultural Awareness celebration during which we had the visit of the Ambassador of Cameroon.


While at Shepherd, Siriki participated in a number of organization including TRIO, Student Support Services. In addition to serving as the President of the International Student Union, Chairman of the shepherd University M.B.A Student Advisory Council and founder the Pan- African Student Union. In honor of his service and dedication he received the following awards, recipient of the 2010 Washington County Student Leadership and 2013 Shepherd University Student Life Council Award, the Political Leadership award, Activism and Citizenship Award, the Student Life Council Award and the Lowe Family Award which honors students for high academic achievement and outstanding service to the university. Siriki has also successfully organized, invited and hosted highly esteemed guest speakers on different occasions. Guest speakers included:


  • The Ambassadorof the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, His Excellency Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiar, Daouda Diabate,
  • The Ambassador of Mali, His Excellency Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Coulibaly Tiena
  • The Ambassador of Liberia, His Excellency Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Jeremiah Sulunteh
  • The Ambassador of the Republic of Guinea, His Excellency Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiar, Mamady Conde’


As a native of the Ivory Coast, Siriki has spent most of his life advocating for democracy and promoting human rights. His passion for advocacy has continued throughout his academic career and will continue in his professional career as well. Sirik’s work ethic paired with his leadership skills and cultural awareness is why he is an asset to any team he is a part of.


I look forward to the growth of this partnership and the success of this initiative. My sincerest appreciation to all those who are apart of the team and support the movement. #magentainspired

Kristan Price Mason, Founder of Magenta Inspired Inc.



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