Help when you can.

Be there when you can.

Encourage when you can.

A truly happy life comes

from giving more than

you take.

– Power of Positivity –

           I have been teaching math at the college level for three semesters.  My family hates to see me coming because I am boring them to death because of my constant complaints about the students. It is so difficult for me to understand why the students are not getting it. Before you go any farther, yes, I am presenting the material, giving them resources, suggesting free tutoring offered by the university, and I offer to work with the students individually. Yet, many of the students will not do their assignments, practice problems, and in some cases, will not come to class and when they do, they are not prepared.

           I was complaining last week when my daughter said, “Mama, people don’t like you to force your help on them.” Wow, that hit hard! It hit me hard because I am the person who loves to share good things. I am the person in the grocery who has coupons and will turn around and give coupons to the person behind me. I am the person who goes, into a fast food restaurant and share coupons with everyone.

It is hard to understand why someone will reject something that is good for him or her. By no means do I think I know everything, can do everything, or have all of the answers.  However, nothing is more gratifying than to see the smile on some face when they receive something unexpected. Last week, after class I stopped for a cup of coffee and a croissant. A family of about five of six (maybe a mom, dad, and several children) got out of the car. The woman walked passed me and I gave her a bunch of coupons; she smiled and said thank you. As I was leaving the drive-thru window, the man stopped me. He thanked me for the coupons. He said they were traveling from New York to Texas and were on a budget. The coupons made it possible for him to get everyone a good breakfast. He could not stop thanking me.

On another note, I told my students if they followed my instructions and did exactly what I told them, they could increase their test score on Test 2. All they had to do was follow my directions. On the first test, the class average was 62%, the students that followed my instructions increased their score, and the average this time was 81%. The scores would have been higher, but the students who did not study brought the class average down.

This is when the effort is worth it. No matter how many times my offers are rejected, knowing someone benefits, makes the efforts worth it. I am not going to stop, but I will learn to accept the rejection for the one or two times someone accepts the offer.

My message to everyone is do not be afraid to accept good from others, secondly, do not stop giving regardless to how many times you are rejected, and finally, maybe that person is not trying to force help, maybe the person wants to share what they have to offer. You could actually bless them by receiving what they have to offer.





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