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“Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship.” Who said it was going to be easy?



My mother used to say that things appear to come so easy to some people and it seems as if others have to work extra hard just to get ahead. But with that statement she would always end with, you have to work hard and at times struggle for what you want, because you have no idea what a person has to go through to be where they are. I believe she was saying, just because it looks easy, does not mean it is.


One of my students was very upset because she failed the course for the third time. I felt bad for her, but there was nothing I could do to change the results. I asked if she felt that she had done his best. Her response was no. She said she felt that she had taken the class three times, there was no way she could fail it the third time. I left her with, if you don’t do it, then how do you think you will pass? She gave up on herself and left her fate to the odds. She gave up! Do we do this? Do we stop trying and give up on ourselves when things get hard? How do we make the next step, when we stop, when we give up?


We do not give up. We are strong. We are the product of generations of strength, people who hold their heads high and do not bend to defeat, nor look for the easy way out. This message is important because there are so many things going on in this country and around the world. We must stand tall and move forward. Set our goals, develop our plan, and stay focused until we reach our goals.

  • We can not give up on our family.
  • We can not give up on our children.
  • We can not give up on our neighbors.
  • We can not give up on our goals.
  • We can not give up on our future.
  • We can not give up on ourselves.
  • We can not give up.


We are who we are because of the roads traveled, the obstacles encountered, and the victories we have and will celebrate.

We face many obstacles throughout our lives, but the end results are worth every obstacle, every hardship, and every tear. My message is Do Not Give Up!




    • Ambino

      hardship seems to be preparation to something greater…


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