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Service has always been a part of my life. Starting as just a little girl at 5 and 6 years old I remember going with my mom to volunteer to feed the homeless in Washington, DC. As I got older this type of service continued. As a family, we would deliver turkeys to those in need on Thanksgiving morning. I later participated in Habitat for Humanity both in middle and high school. The calling to continue to serve and give back continued while in college. I participated and helped to organize an initiative to provide Christmas gifts for kids, raise awareness about illnesses and volunteered to help young kids in school. Naturally, as an adult, I have continued to give back and founded Magenta Inspired Inc. as a 501 (c) (3) non- profit organization.

Last year it was placed on my heart to assist young girls in continuing their education. I didn’t know exactly who the audience would be but I felt the need to serve in this area. In addition to service, education has also always been a part of my life. I jokingly refer to myself as a professional student because I have literally been in school my entire life. Whenever, I have completed a program, very shortly after I am starting another. Given, my dedication to my education and professional experience I see the value of an education. Therefore, I truly believe that anyone who desires to get an education should be able to do so. A couple months passed before I knew where and how I would kick off this initiative to assist young girls in continuing their education. I reflected on earlier conversations with Siriki, who I met very early on as an Admission Counselor. Siriki, as a native of the Ivory Coast, over the years of knowing him would share with me pieces of his story and how he came to complete his education in the United States but it was more recently he began to share with me some of the challenges children faced in attempting to complete their primary and secondary education. Siriki had no idea of this initiative that had been placed on my heart but was only speaking out of personal frustrations and dismay of the existing barriers. I decided to contact Siriki and share with him my desire to help young girls and that after reflecting on earlier stories he shared with me I would like to focus on Ivorian girls.


In reflecting, there was one story in particular that always stayed with me. He once told me, while speaking with a principal in the Ivory Coast he learned that there were many young kids who would go without receiving gifts for Christmas that year. Siriki asked the principal how much was needed. He learned $50 would take care of gifts for the entire school. Siriki, sent $50 of his personal money to help. I remember thinking to myself $50, wow, many spend more than this when going to the movies with family or a friend. There are so many more stories like this one, but the take- away is that a very small amount can go a very long way.



I want to be a part of the change. I want to help remove the barriers that stand in the way of kids getting their education. The need is so big but if we could even begin to help, this would make a big difference for many. Power by Magenta Inspired in partnership with NovAssist will focus on the education needs of young girls in the Ivory Coast.


In my research and engaging in conversation I have learned there are many kids who are unable to continue their education because they are unable to afford uniforms, pay school fees, purchase school books or supplies. This is what the Power Initiative will focus on. Just $20 could be the difference as to rather or not a young girl can enroll in school. I want to also note these are barriers that stand in the way of these girls being able enroll in primary and secondary school. Just imagine if you didn’t have the opportunity to finish 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade. What options would you have as an adult? Being a part of progress and participating in the Power by Magenta Inspired initiative is an opportunity to give her a chance and begin to change what the future looks like for hopefully thousands of young girls someday.


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