Hello Ladies… I am going to be very honest; I could not come up with any content this month. Now one would ask how there is always something to talk about with so many things going on in the world be it personal or not. Nevertheless, nothing really hit me as being the right topic, until yesterday afternoon. I was on a zoom conference with my very caring, loving sister-in-law and when presented with a question, I told her “I hope…” Well, she checked my reality VERY QUICKLY! At first, I was like really, but when I told Tiffany to listen to Kristan, the message was right on point. She pretty much told me that if I’m really serious about starting up my own business I need to come up with a plan to get there and that starts with time management and learning to schedule things appropriately. Kristan is not the first to mention this to me, to say the least, but she outright told me that she would fire me if she were my client. Yes, fire me! The reality check was that I would fire myself as well.

“A plan without a goal is just a wish…”  This quote sums it all up! Hoping and wishing are great BUT if you do not have a plan to help make these things come to life then you are just going to keep hoping and wishing forever and never accomplish anything. I have so many great ideas that I want to come to fruition, but if I keep saying and telling myself, “I hope” that will never happen, right? You can have all the cute fancy notebooks, journals, and planners but if you just put wishes in them without a plan of action then you just wasted your money and time.

Therefore, as a famous person once said, “today is a new day”. Starting today, I will DO MY VERY BEST to map out these wishes and hopes I have and come up with a plan on making them come true. No great civilization was built overnight, so I know I have to be patient in my progress and be careful that I do not make unrealistic goals or goals I know that is not going to achieve at that very moment.

As I continue on the journey in my new truth this was a very valuable lesson, keep those around you that are BLUNT and are not afraid to hurt your ego, and if necessary your feelings. Do buy all the notebooks, journals and planners you need BUT make sure you are using them to come up with an awesome plan to make those hopes and wishes come true. Do not answer someone with “I hope”; they may to check your reality. ☺

Happy planning…






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      THIS….. this is a great read! checkmate, slap in my face, reality check.


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