End of summer. Vacation. New job. Old job. Back to school. Bills. Saving………



Get ready for work. Get Emory ready for school. Get Ava dressed. Get everybody in the car, IN A TIMELY MANNER! Drop Emory off at school. Drop Ava off at the babysitter. Drive 35 minutes to work. Work. Pick the kids up from the babysitter. Drive home. Cook. Do laundry. Help with homework. Get the kids ready for bed. Get things in order for the next day. And start all over again.  My mind is constantly racing, and thinking about my next move and trying to be on time lol. With all this MAYHEM going on in my life I forgot one thing!!!!!!!!


I forgot how to be sexy!!!!


Now don’t get me wrong I didn’t “let myself go,” but I just completely neglected my inner feminine sexy side, the side of myself that I adore the most. So, I started a quest in the mist of my busy life to fine that SEXY LADY again.  That’s when I started my subscription with AdoreMe.  And Girl I got my sexy back!!!! AdoreMe offers affordable bra and panty sets (side note: which I never owned until going to this site because I’m part of the B.T.C lol), loungewear and even lingerie. When I got my first set I was a little skeptical. I was thinking, “there ain’t no way, I’m going to get these size H boobs in that bra and it be comfortable and look right,” boy was I wrong.  I put my set on and BBBBBAAAAABBBBBBBYYYYYY, you couldn’t tell me nothing and I had underwear to match too. I was on cloud 9 and I felt sexier than ever. The good thing about AdoreMe is the items are good quality, and SEXY, they offer an array of sizes from petite to plus (the offer 40H, my size, WOW), and they give you the option to skip a month in your subscription with no hassle.


Okay now that I’m done with my commercial. the important thing is taking time out from our busy day to have a moment to ourselves to bring that inner sexy out.  We get so bogged down in work, kids, husbands, and laundry that we throw that sexy lady in a box in the back of our minds and forget about her. So take ten minutes out of your day throw on something sexy, get a glass of wine, throw on some music an dance in the mirror like nobody is watching! I promise you’ll feel sexier than ever.




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