Hello Ladies,


My blogs focus on budgeting and understanding the value of things. This blog will be no different, except I am asking you to understand your value. When we are blessed with something valuable, we tend to guard it with our life. Do you remember the first expensive item you received; do you remember the item? If you say you do not remember, you are probably right. How many of us remember the day we were born? The day we were given life, our talents, and our blessings.


This morning I was talking to someone whose opinion is very important to me, and she reminded me that I am blessed and gifted with talents for organizing, teaching, and giving. She also told me that I tend to undervalue those gifts by giving them away and failing to appreciate and “own” my gifts. My message to you today is simply, OWN YOUR TALENTS and OWN YOUR GIFTS. Do not waste or under-value something that is more valuable than gold, silver, rubies, and money. Though your talents are valuable, you determine what they are worth. I have failed to identify what my gifts and talents are worth, have you?


It is never too late to stop in your tracks, hold your head up, and acknowledge who you are and what you possess. You are valuable; determine your worth.


From this day forward, I am FIRST CLASS. No, I do not mean I will only travel first class, or I have to have the most expensive items.

  •             I am the most expensive item.
  •             I am FIRST CLASS,
  •             I recognize that no worldly item can define me,
  •             Nor will I minimize my blessings, my gifts, my talents, or my life.
  •             I recognize my WORTH!
  •             I wear my crown with pride.
  •             I am FIRST CLASS. Are you?


Veronica Price



Thank you, Harriet. I will never forget that I am “First Class” today and every day.


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