I am a life long learner, I am an entrepreneur, I am a student, I am an educator, I am a coach, I am an advocate, I am a giver, I am a philanthropist, I am a motivator, I am a professional,  I am an African American Woman.

The “I Am by Magenta Inspired Inc.” blog is a dedication to my culture. 

I embrace my culture, I embrace my uniqueness, I embrace my differences as well as my likeness and I love who I am. As a motivator and advocate of people I believe it is important to stand in my convictions and be proud of who I am. The “I AM” blog is a dedication to my culture, my heritage, the past, the present and the future. I would like this to be a resource for all but especially African American professionals. A place to read about our history and current success stories. A place where we celebrate our success and a place for those starting their career. Or, maybe just a place where you can come and be inspired.

“I Am,” will grow to be a resource for young African American girls coming up to learn about their history and heritage. To see successful woman who looks like them. Where “she” gives “her” the courage and strength to chase her dreams and be great! Be proud of who she is!

I stand proud in my heritage and embrace my culture and I encourage you all to do the same! “I AM” is a dedication to my culture, my ancestors, the past, the present and the future.

Each month we will post a blog about an important figure in history or current success story. These will not be your typical text book stories; we hope to shine a light on the less or unspoken stories.

I would like to introduce my friend, Amber Howard the exclusive writer for the “I AM” blog.


aaeaaqaaaaaaaabkaaaajddkowvjy2nhltc5mgytndvkyy05nji3ltk0m2u2zmewmwnjmw“Amber is a high-spirited, 21st century Southern Belle from South Carolina now living in the D.C. metropolitan area.  Amber and Kristan’s friendship dates back to attending undergrad together in S.C. where Amber obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology.   Amber’s interest and dedication to understanding social relationships and institutions is of no surprise due to her ongoing support and service in local communities near and far.  While actively serving her community, Amber began to turn social concepts into practical liberties by streamlining her efforts towards social reform and policy in underrepresented populations.  The focal points of her efforts are in direct correlation to socioeconomic sustainability and advancement of African American, African, and Black populations.  As a vibrant and resilient Master in Business Administration graduate, Amber aspires to contribute to the education for black economic growth and development.  As a contributor to Magenta Inspired Inc. blog, Amber will provide a wealth of information based off her own understandings pertaining to “Black Excellence” and what it means to embody that, whether it is through travel, direct or indirect experiences, literature, documentaries, or candid conversations.”



I am honored and absolutely ecstatic to have such a beautiful spirit and my life long friend join the team. Get ready to continued to be inspired and encouraged.

Kristan Price Mason, Founder of Magenta Inspired Inc.



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