Ladies and Gentleman, this was a Girl Talk Live like none other. Not only did we go live from Montego Bay, Jamaica but the conversation was sooo powerful. The ladies on this girls vaca engaged in a powerful dialogue regarding friendship. This conversation is so powerful because the ladies really spoke from the heart concerning personal situations, personal growth, self- awareness and so much more. We discussed situations we have all be in before and maybe felt alone. But through the power of conversation, we quickly see although our situations may very slightly we all have been through up’s and downs in life. We value those closest to us and for those we have grown apart from; we wish them well and if life brings us back around for either a season or lifetime we will continue to grow together. Feel free to comment, share and keep the conversation going.


Girl Talk w/ Magenta Inspired: Girls Vacation

Posted by Magenta Inspired Inc on Thursday, June 8, 2017


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