Magenta Inspired Professional Life Coach Practice offers services that promote personal and professional growth.  Each consultation or workshop is a creative collaborative relationship between the coach and client(s) that focuses on the needs and what is priority to the client(s).

Put yourself first and focus on what is needed to achieve self-defined success and live life as your authentic- self. I speak from experience when I say living life as your authentic self is freeing, empowering and honestly just a lot easier than on someone else’s terms.

1 on 1 Coaching 

The 40-minute complimentary session is an opportunity to explore the potential of a coaching creative collaborative partnership. This is where you are able to “test drive” the benefits of having a coach and a designated hour in your future that is all about you and your success. Topics may include but are not limited too.

  • Resume Coaching
  • Career Exploration
  • Interview Prep and/or Mock Interviews
  • Personal Branding
  • Self-Exploration
  • Passion & Purpose Explorations
  • Organizing & Prioritizing Personal and/or  Professional life
  • Business Coaching (for entrepreneurs or small business owners)
  • Leadership Coaching – owning your leadership style and effectively implementing strategies in the workplace.

Group Workshops

These are customized workshops based on the needs of your group. Groups include but are not limited to school events, athletic teams, business meetings, etc.

The Build Your Personal Brand Workshop

This is a complimentary group workshop that will encourage deep thought and self-reflection. Geared towards all age ranges and those who are at varies stages in his or life.

Closet Cleanse

The 30 minute consultation is the first step toward your chaotic freedom. You will be provided a hands on consultation along with the the blue print  to creating clarity, space, time and relief in your future.

Come back and visit soon. I am always adding to the portfolio of services. Have a fantastic day and remember to invest in you. If you are not willing to why would anyone else.