As women, many of us love everything there is about fashion and beauty others of us would love to be able to wake up and have someone tell us what to wear and just do our make-up, while there are others who prefer to just get up and go. No matter where you fall on the spectrum we all have occasions we would like to look nice for or sometimes just love to look in the mirror and give yourself that WOW factor.

Well, ladies for those who love everything about fashion and beauty and enjoy reading about products or neat tricks to keep it cute you are in for a treat!

I am so very excited to announce a new member of the Magenta Inspired Inc. family. As you all know Magenta Inspired was founded on the premise of supporting women on their journey to success. We are able to accomplish this mission through professional coaching, networking, giving back and by offering a platform for women to showcase their talents.


Today I have the honor of introducing my friend, my sister, the bold and the beautiful, Shay Bluford, as our new Fashion and Beauty Blogger. Shay is a native of South Caroline who has dedicated her life to a career in serving others as a nurse. Shay also has developed a passion for beauty, fashion, and style. Through her passion, she hopes to encourage all women to love the skin they are in and be confident.


Be sure to check out her monthly blog where she will offer beauty tips and tricks, fashion tidbits and keep you entertained along the way.


Stay tuned for Shay’s first post this July! Meet Shay Bluford.

“Shay is a young mother from South Carolina that has overcome many odds.  Shay became a mother as a senior at Presbyterian College.  Becoming a mother while in college lit a fire of motivation under Shay that has driven her success ever since.  Shay graduated from PC with a BS in Psychology just six weeks after the birth of her son, Emory.  She then pursued her degree in Nursing where she became a licensed Practical Nurse and later became a Registered Nurse. Working as a Registered Nurse in Home Health and a busy mom of an inquisitive seven-year-old, Emory and rambunctious two -year- old, Ava, she still finds time for her love of all things fashion and beauty.


Shay gained an interest in fashion after realizing early on that the fashion world was not “built” or “focused” on women of her size.  Shay likes to refer to herself as an “Unapologetic Fat Girl.”  Shay believes that women should be confident at any size, value and love their uniqueness, and never apologize for being themselves.”


 Kristan, Founder of Magenta Inspired Inc.

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