I hope….

Hello Ladies… I am going to be very honest; I could not come up with any content this month. Now one would ask how there is always something to talk about with so many things going on in the world be it personal or not. Nevertheless, nothing really hit

A Night For A Cause

A Night For A Cause, Oct. 21st @ Embassy of Côte d’Ivoire from 5pm- 8pm. This will be a night to remember. Join us to celebrate a global partnership and initiative geared towards breaking down the barriers which hinder girls from continuing thei

Live in Your Purpose

I speak a lot about Passion and Purpose mainly because I do believe we all have a purpose and it is possible to live in your passion. You may have to think creatively about the how, but it is possible. You will have to work hard but you have to work for e

Taking it all in….

As the year winds, down and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season approaches, one starts to become overwhelmed with it all and sometimes one may forget to just stop and smell the roses. This week I got to check off one of the many items on my bucket

The Right Now Word

Blogged by Amber Sherell I have an amazing, life changing message for you all to listen to today.  A message from the heavens of heavens that both condemns and edifies, bringing into subjection according to each man’s thoughts and intentions.  Believe

I Am First Class

  Hello Ladies,   My blogs focus on budgeting and understanding the value of things. This blog will be no different, except I am asking you to understand your value. When we are blessed with something valuable, we tend to guard it with our life.