image3Kristan Price Mason, Founder

Kristan gets really excited about inspiring and encouraging others to help them meet their goals. So many times, we know where we want to go, but figuring out the steps to get there seems impossible. That’s where she comes in. As a certified Professional Life Coach (PLC), Kristan is trained to help you determine what those steps should be, hold you accountable, and be here for you as you transition in your life.

As a professional in higher education with an MBA, Kristan is qualified to guide you through a variety of life’s transitions: college to the workforce, workforce back to school, changing jobs, changing careers, and/or any personal changes you may be experiencing. Contact her today for information on how to work with her, and get started making changes today.

Kristan created Magenta Inspired as a platform dedicated to service and success. Her goal is to support women in their journeys to find confidence and independence through various opportunities.


PLC, Professional Life Coach ~MBA, Master of Business Administration~ B.S., Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Concentration Management

Skills: Academic Advising, Event Planning, Enrollment Management, Student Recruitment, Student Engagement & Development, Higher Education, Strategic Planning, Consulting, Account Management

Personal Vision

Touch lives and create a movement that encourages others to support and empower one another ultimately removing negativity and unnecessary competition by instilling self- confidence and a sense of one’s own self-worth.



MomVeronica L. Price, Director of Marketing and Community Outreach

Veronica has been with the Magenta Inspired from conception, when it was simply a vision that could not completely be articulated. Empowerment, support, and confidence were some of the words that were consistently a part of our conversation. Recognizing that the word “self” had to be the prefix, Kristan’s vision began to manifest. Magenta Inspired was born: self-empowerment, self-support, and self-confidence. She is an accomplished individual with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She is a dynamic communicator and persuasive speaker, who is able to forge meaningful association with clients, colleagues, and community organizations, which is an asset to marketing Magenta Inspired, Inc. Veronica’s talent for developing and implementing plans has successfully allowed the organization to meet goals and objectives. She has an extensive background working with non-profit organizations and community outreach through the I Have a Dream Foundation.

Veronica is also a contributor to the Magenta Inspired monthly blog.


MBA, Master of Business Administration~B.S., Bachelor of Science in Business Administration~Trained Academic~ Tutor: Commonweal Foundation

Skills: Marketing, Strategic Management, Team building and Leadership, Office Operations, and Event Planning.

Personal Vision

Extend a helping hand to those willing to accept it with no expectations. By providing an avenue for one to explore and discover their niche without fear of failure or roadblocks, we can all have a safe and successful journey.




image1Tiffany C. Jones, Writer & Creative Contributor 

Tiffany is an original member of the Magenta Inspired Inc family and community. She has been a supporter of the vision from ground zero and has worked with Kristan from the beginning as an “unofficial” client. Working with Kristan helped her realize that she could and should spend the time working her “to-do list” and focusing on herself. Her experiences with Kristan inspired her to work to pursue her current dreams and continue pushing to accept new challenges.

As a contributor to the Magenta Inspired Inc blog, Tiffany is excited to bring her leadership and writing skills to Magenta Inspired Inc. With an extensive background in IT systems management, project management, and team leadership, she is a strong addition to the Magenta Inspired Inc team. She’ll be writing about her experiences and covering a variety of topics to help readers embark on personal and professional growth.

Tiffany is based in West Virginia where she loves spending time with her family, cooking, cars and doing crossword puzzles.



Amber S. Howard, “I AM” Exclusive Blogger & Creative Contributor 

aaeaaqaaaaaaaabkaaaajddkowvjy2nhltc5mgytndvkyy05nji3ltk0m2u2zmewmwnjmwAmber is a high-spirited, 21st century Southern Belle from South Carolina now living in the D.C. metropolitan area.  Amber and Kristan’s friendship dates back to attending undergrad together in S.C. where Amber obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology.   Amber’s interest and dedication to understanding social relationships and institutions is of no surprise due to her ongoing support and service in local communities near and far.  While actively serving her community, Amber began to turn social concepts into practical liberties by streamlining her efforts towards social reform and policy in underrepresented populations.  The focal points of her efforts are in direct correlation to socioeconomic sustainability and advancement of African American, African, and Black populations.  As a vibrant and resilient Master in Business Administration graduate, Amber aspires to contribute to the education for black economic growth and development.  As a contributor to Magenta Inspired Inc. blog, Amber will provide a wealth of information based off her own understandings pertaining to “Black Excellence” and what it means to embody that, whether it is through travel, direct or indirect experiences, literature, documentaries, or candid conversations.


MBA, Master of Business Administration

B.S., Bachelor of Science in Sociology


Voice of Reason


“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”-Maya Angelou


Shay Bluford, Fashion & Beauty Blogger & Creative Contributor 

Shay is a young mother from South Carolina that has overcome many odds.  Shay became a mother as a senior at Presbyterian College.  Becoming a mother while in college lit a fire of motivation under Shay that has driven her success ever since.  Shay graduated from PC with a BS in Psychology just six weeks after the birth of her son, Emory.  She then pursued her degree in Nursing where she became a licensed Practical Nurse and later became a Registered Nurse. Working as a Registered Nurse in Home Health and a busy mom of an inquisitive seven-year-old, Emory, and rambunctious two-year-old, Ava, she still finds time for her love of all things fashion and beauty.


Shay gained an interest in fashion after realizing early on that the fashion world was not “built” or “focused” on women of her size.  Shay likes to refer to herself as an “Unapologetic Fat Girl.”  Shay believes that women should be confident at any size, value and love their uniqueness, and never apologize for being themselves.