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Complimentary Coaching

Invest uninterrupted time in yourself to focus on your priorities and engage in powerful conversations with your very own Life Coach who serves as your accountability partner . Regroup, Reshape and Take Action .

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A hands on, customized workshop to meet the needs of the audience. Attendees benefit from the power of open dialogue and walk away Excited, Energized and Empowered.

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Brand Bootcamp

This is a one month intensive bootcamp designed to push you to DEFINE who you are and feel comfortable living as your authentic self. Authenticity, Clarity and Self-awareness.

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Closet Cleanse

The Closet Cleanse will assist you to declutter from the inside out. Removing distractions and clutter creates Clarity, Space, Time and Relief.

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  • "My experience working with Kristan has been no less than life changing. Admittedly, I was stuck in a rut in both my professional and personal life. After my initial session, I felt fundamentally different. It was as if I had been activated. I feel keenly and deeply connected to my purpose. The best way I can describe my experience is that I had all of the tools and ingredients to make a great dish. The coaching with Kristan essentially helped me define and refine the recipe and get the food onto the plate."

    Elle Corey of Elle Makes/Honey and Venom
  • "Kristan has helped me determine new goals and a different perspective on areas of my life. By asking the right questions and taking time to understand my passion as well as my struggles, Kristan has assisted me with finding improvements and action items that will ultimately improve my quality of life. I look forward to continuing my sessions and becoming the best version of "me.""

    Erica F.
  • "I have struggled with time management my entire life. Having Adult ADD and three small kids has just put me over the edge. I become overwhelmed at the size of the project as well as the many distractions my life contains. Kristin has helped me see the trees, and not just the forrest. Her warm and engaging personality is a comfort. This makes our sessions are fun. We make and tweak the plans together. As an overly ambitious person, she has brought much needed reality to my schedule. This has set me up for success. She sends reminders and encouraging words, but is not invasive. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for some guidance in just getting it together. I know I am capable of great things. With her guidance, they actually feel attainable."

    Natalie F.
  • "Kristan is creating a community where women can gain inspiration and encouragement to chase after their dreams- the essence of Magenta Inspired. It is refreshing to participate in her Girl Talk discussions because it lets me know I'm not alone- there are others who have my same struggles and are overcomers. Kristan taps into your potential and motivates you to go after your dreams. She has an innate ability to pin-point what is holding you back and coach you through it to achieve your goals. Magenta Inspired, led by Kristan, is a breath of fresh air (peace) in a complicated world."

    Natasia N.
  • "It is so refreshing to speak with other ladies who are mindful of their goals and aspirations. I love hearing from talented women who are passionate about their futures and personal successes. I left feeling empowered and excited about my personal goals."

    Katie M.
  • "Radiant is how I see Kristan. She's full of high energy and caring and serves greatly in the community. I love the Girl Talk events that she hosts where she provides a harmonious forum for women to gather and be heard."

    Ann G.